MATS Bootcamp

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This is my submission for the may assignment in the Lilla Rogers School, “MATS – Bootcamp”. An editorial illustration for an article about meditation “A primer for people who don’t like to meditate”. There was so much information in the article, and so much to pick from! I wanted to make a “packed” illustration and use as much of that information as possible to describe the article the best, without making the illustration too messy or cluttered. I decided to put the focus on the main character and then make the background images and her thoughts in lineart, and then separating the text from the background images. This was a really challenging assignment as I really had to think hard about how to layout the illustration – like making a puzzle! And it made me try out new ways to work things out that I would never have come up with without giving me this time to experiment. I also challenged myself with texting by hand which I often find a bit scary. Overall, this was a great assignment and I´m happy I made myself the time to experiment :-)